12 Beauty Products That Every Woman Must Own

12 Beauty Products That Every Woman Must Own

Oct 9, 2018 AT 10:54 AM | BY Womenised

Beauty requires work, but with right products at hand, it is easy, affordable and the results speak for themselves.

From home spa treatments to professional makeup, hours of our research and testing resulted in this ultimate beauty products list, so jump right in!

1. Get Perfect Skin With Ultimate Skin Spa Brush

Ultimate Skin Spa

Properly cleaning your skin is vital – no skin care product can do its job if it cannot get through the clogged pores. Skin care experts claim that facial cleaning brushes are a great tool to thoroughly remove make-up, sunscreen or any other grime clogging your pores and causing among other pigmentations and breakouts.

Thanks to advance in technology, cleaning brushes have become highly affordable and this Ultimate Skin Spa Brush is a great bargain. It is perfect for even the most sensitive skin; the gentle brush diligently removes makeup, dirt and oils. Used daily, it stimulates enhanced cell turnover and you can expect a much softer and smoother skin with a natural glow.

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2. Master Any Look With Pro Makeup Brush Set


Perfecting your make-up can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right set of brushes at hand. Therefore, we have selected a perfect set of every eye and face tool you could hope for! It is easy to master any make up look when you have a set like this.

This amazing ultimate brush set includes a total of 15 different face, lip and eye brushes. Each brush is made from a mix of synthetic and natural bristles, that enable you to line, blend and shade as you please.

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3. Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Teeth Whitening Kit

Why waste time and money on expensive teeth whitening at dentists when the same technology and results are available at the comfort of your home or actually anywhere you feel like it. This teeth whitening kit is so small you can bring it anywhere and anytime!

The teeth whitening device comes in a compact package and is equipped with ultra bright LED light and everything you will need, so that you can get a beautiful white smile in no time!

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4. Prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles With Black Pearl & Gold Eye Pads


Be it allergies, stress, little sleep or one too many happy hour cocktails, it leaves marks under your eyes. Puffiness or dehydration, fine lines or dark circles it is all a call for a proper treatment!

Pamper yourself anywhere, be it home or a plane, these amazing pads are just so easy to use anywhere and anytime! Packed with natural plant extracts and vitamins, Black Pearl & Gold Under Eye Gel Pads will work wonders on your under eye skin. Your skin will not only look fresh, but will also become properly hydrated and thus smoother and firmer.

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5. Clean Your Pores With Vacuum Facial Pore Cleanser

Electronic Facial Pore Cleanser

Facial Pore Cleansers, also known as pore vacuums are among the latest boom products and they are becoming big hit for a reason.

The device itself is exactly what the name implies – it’s a suction device that pulls gunk out of pores and thus enables your skin to exfoliate and repair scars and wrinkles. This device is so simple to use that you don’t even need an instruction, while the procedure takes only about 5 minutes. Remember to clean your skin thoroughly before and moisturize after.

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6. Get Fabulous Hair With Argan Oil Hair Mask


Argan Oil Hair masks are an essential step in beauty routine. Just as hair conditioner, a good hair mask deeply nourishes and heals your hair yet way more intensely and powerfully than any other hair product.

Why not to make a mini spa day and treat your hair, especially when making your hair look fabulous is this easy, well, that is when you have the right products at hand. It all comes down to the quality ingredients. Among the top rated are Argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E and works amazingly as moisturizer, while macadamia oil adds that shiny look to your hair as it prevents the loss of moisture. Isn’t that exactly what your hair needs?

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7. Grow Beautiful Natural Lashes With This Eye Lash Serum


Dream of long and lush eyelashes? And most importantly, seek natural look? You are a one good serum away. Yes, mascara can do the trick, yet there is a long lasting solution that can yield even better results!

Without going into all the active ingredients and dermatological explanations, let’s stick to two facts – Eyelash Growth Serums are safe for all skin types and they actually work. A great quality yet priced affordably is our favorite Eye Lash Serum. Packed with natural ingredients this serum strengthens and protects your eyelashes and creates a thicker and fuller look at the same time. Remember to be patient; these things take time to reveal their magic.

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8. Create Every Trendy Look With Eye Shadow Palette


No beauty routine is complete without a proper set of eye shadows. And this is were you want to have space to be creative, use the colors you have or mix and create new flattering velvety-smooth shades that match your mood and emphasize your personality just right.

This must have eye Eye Shadow Palette is equipped with every color you need to create transformative looks for any occasion! This professional palette is packed with perfect presets allowing you to create unlimited looks, so go ahead and grab your palette now!

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9. Get Rid Off Unwanted Hair With Mini Electric Hair Remover

Mini Electric Hair Removal

Hair removal is another procedure that you can easily bring home instead of spending tones on money on beauty salons. When it comes to hair removal there are countless options and it can be challenging to choose especially knowing all the cons.

What if we told you that this tiny device is making it’s way to the very top? No more worrying about irritated skin, scars or ingrown hairs. This device is painless to use, it is equipped with additional light so you don’t miss any hair, it’s travel friendly and most importantly, it works!

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10. Make Pro Gel Nails at Home with This Amazing Kit



You know that devastating feeling that your salon made nail polish will chip way too soon and probably at the worst possible moment. And that’s where gel polish comes in. No doubt, it is a game changer for the whole industry. But have you considered saving money and moving nail polish process home?

This travel-friendly LED lamp makes it possible to apply gel nail polish anywhere you want. The Gel Nail Polish Kit includes everything you will need, as primer, coloured polish, top coat, cleanser and most importantly the LED lamp. It is the LED lamp that solidifies the nail polish making it last weeks longer that any regular nail polish. All of this at a fraction of price of what nail salons charge for both applying and removing gel nail polish.

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11. Create Perfect Eyebrows With Waterproof Micro Blading Pencil

Waterproof Micro Blading Tool

Eyebrow tattooing is gaining it’s popularity rapidly and no wonders why. A pretty permanent solution for fuller eyebrows is exactly what every woman needs. And now you can get the eyebrows you want yourself, at home!

Waterproof Microblading Pencil creates thin, hair like strokes that look realistic and super easy to apply. You simply have to choose the right color for you and that’s it. You can control the thickness of strokes by changing the angle you hold the pen at. Now it’s all in your hands – create the eyebrows you’ve always wanted!

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12. Apply Make-Up Flawlessly With LED Lighted Mirror


Beauty be it skincare or make-up clearly require loads of good light, the more natural the light is, the better. Now depending on where you live you might not have good light all the time, especially in your bathroom. Just like countless women, you might have all the right products and tools, but no proper light. Without the light you can easily go too heavy on the bronzer or mess up the foundation.

A great help to make sure your make-up is flawless no matter where or when you apply it, is the Lighted Make-up Mirror! This one in particular has top quality LED lights that guarantee a natural and even distribution of light. It is also portable and is easy on the eyes. Once you try it for yourself, it will be hard to remember how you managed your daily beauty routine without it!

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